Principal areas of operation:
1. International transportation of standard-size cargo on routes from EU and CIS countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).
2. Transportation of cargo through EU countries.

The high quality work of our company and its successful expansion in the field of transportation services is based on a highly qualified team of managers and drivers-dispatchers.

Our company covers a geographical area from the Atlantic Ocean to the Ural River.

The main advantages our company offers: 

  • Our clients are provided with high quality and safe services.
  • We only use our own vehicles, which means that we can take into consideration the specific conditions necessary for transporting certain types of cargo.
  • We take on full material responsibility for the cargo.
  • We can provide transportation vehicles by a regular timetable or by express request.
  • If the client wishes, we will provide all the information they need about the status of their cargo during transportation.
  • We are very strict about meeting deadlines and adhering to agreed-upon terms.
  • Protection of the client's commercial and market interests.
  • Flexible pricing.
  • The possibility to cooperate with a client by applying a set price throughout the year.
  • A flexible financial policy for paying for our services.
  • Professional and motivated employees at every level of the company.
  • ADR carriage of dangerous goods.
  • We use modern telecommunications technology to aid our work.


Grupa Ekspertów Transportowych
Adama Mickiwicza 49, 16-515 Puńsk
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